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Serie: I sell my girlfriend.

Yeah, dudes, we couldn't slip this occasion to make an offer to Paul. An offer for Bianca, his beautiful girlfriend, because we wanted her drilled in front of her couple. As they advanced in their first video, they're NOT AN OPEN COUPLE at all and of course, they've never experienced anything similar to what's waiting for them. Bianca will be fucked by Julián Belmonte while she moans and contorts, cums and her boyfriend attends just as a spectator to the show. What it seemed an outright jealousy breakdown (Paul confessed he didn't know how he would react watching her girlfriend enjoying with another) ends, thanks to the old FAKings magic, IN A THREESOME. As you read it, the boyfriend mans up and they both end fucking Bianca... who discovers for the first time fucking two dicks at the same time. A true scandal, one of the best purchases we've made up to date.


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